New Earth Activation:

Rainbow Integration of the New Earth

Embodying the Activation of our Golden Timeline

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This Friday we’re creating an integration experience for you to embody the activation of your Golden Timeline and allow this field of possibility to move through you at a deeper level.

We have listened deeply and felt called to create space to tend to our heart-soul-body as we allow ourselves to expand into this New Earth and New Human reality.

Giving you divine feet in action with the earth connection, heart communication within yourself and all that is…Invoking the rainbow symmetry of creation to align with the New Human and New Earth that we are bringing to life in ourselves and on the planet.

So… we are bringing forward some beautiful live heart songs from our friend Lotus Sky, heart integration meditations and practices, poetry, as well as sacred space for you to dive deeply into your own vision for the New Earth after these incredibly powerful energetic upgrades and activations.

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We are the ones we have been waiting for..

We are engaging in a new kind of activism. One that creates rather than reacts, one that responds with vision and compassion rather than fear. This is how we create a collective movement of love in our times. Learning to create new blueprints and templates within ourselves, transforming the world from the inside out. 

Community is the best form of immunity…

We are  each points of light around the world. We are inviting you into connection with fellow creators across the globe.  To  be supported by love and the vision that we all share for bringing the antidote of love onto our Planet at this time.  


We are gathering LIVE so that we can build a strong collective container that will support you in holding the frequency of love that will cause a tremendous shift of your energy…. into a space where we can create the New Earth with vision, courage, and compassion.


Acurda Melchizedek – A specialist in how we inherit energetic patterns through our DNA, she will teach us how to start writing isolation, fear, and pandemic out of our genetic lineage and activate new blueprints in ourselves and the collective. 

Satya Colombo –  With ancestors surviving the Holocaust and indigenous conflicts in Argentina, Satya will show us how we can create authentic connections, and relieve the separation, conflict, and fear-based responses within and between ourselves. 

Aelah Skye –  Has gathered communities of all sorts as a community organizer, minister, and yoga teacher. She will share new templates and visions for how to gather our communities at this time. 

Join us for a FREE live gathering to activate these possibilities in yourself so that we can create a collective movement of love together.


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