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Dive in as we meet with the practices, technologies, and healing modalities that are on the cutting edge of emotional intelligence and wellbeing on our planet today.

  • Are you learning how to work with your own emotions?
  • Are you sensitive and looking for ways to develop your gifts of empathy and perception?

Join us as we speak with the innovators and practitioners who are mastering the art of emotional intelligence. People actively creating peace and compassion within and around themselves to change our planet for the better. 

About Aelah Skye...

What I’m most passionate about is creating peace, compassion, and emotional wellbeing in the world.

I believe there are so many good-hearted and sensitive people looking for more tools to create awareness and big break-throughs in their lives. To really know their own power and gifts. The truth is that when we fully embody our mission with joy, we help to dissolve tension and discord in our whole world.

I’ve been a leader and consultant in the field of emotional health and resilience for almost 13 years, mostly in community organizations, businesses, churches, yoga studios, and with private clients.

Daughter of Creation is a platform where I share new-paradigm teachings and practices to support you in being a master creator of your life.  Where you see the possibility of transforming suffering and overwhelm into purposeful living, empowering you to create a balanced and masterful life. 

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