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A New Kind of Priestess, with Sarah Drew

There have been a few books this year that have left a remarkable imprint on me and The Gaia Codex is one that has stuck ​deep in my heart. I was thrilled to speak with Sarah Drew, the author​.

The Gaia Codex is a mythic novel with the feeling of a sacred text. The story follows the life of one girl whose life is unfolding as a Priestess. She’s learning to read the hidden codes in Creation that contain our true history. It is a fascinating story, so rich with metaphor and spiritual depth.

This interview is itself an activation of the larger web of wisdom that we are weaving together on the planet.

When I reached out to see if Sarah Drew would be willing to join me for a conversation I was thrilled that she responded with such open-hearted interest. We shared an intention to create a prayer for the world together.

We talk about how women are coming together from a more empowered place, and learning to create with the multi-generational weight of our lineages and the universal call to gather and uplift the wisdom of Mother Gaia.   This conversation was a blessing to me, and ​I’m sharing it for all of the priestesses who go by different names.

You can purchase The Gaia Codex through Sarah’s website here​ (highly recommend!)​:

More about Sarah Drew:


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